About Morning Traveler

1239462_10151573950392245_1800789233_nMorning Traveler.  Sharon Randall.  One and the same.  When my son Davis was born with Down syndrome, it was a dark day in the Randall household.  We didn’t know anything about Down syndrome, and we didn’t know anyone with Down syndrome.  And out of our ignorance, we thought we had just been overrun by doom and gloom.  Wrong!  This photo says it all — surprise at how happy the journey can be, encouragement from others cheering us on, and wonder, as the meaning of it continues to unfold each day.

Fairly early on, I was blessed to meet another mother with a daughter Davis’s age, and she asked if we wanted to have a play date.  When we got together, it was normal to have a child with Down syndrome in our playgroup and that felt great.  So we invited others.  And soon this gathering of families with children who have Down syndrome became a regular thing.  So I thought we needed a name.  And Morning Travelers was the name I chose.  Morning represented where we were on our journeys as families who have children with Down syndrome — we were at the very beginning of the path.  And life’s a journey, no?  We are all travelers.  The name stuck, and we now have more than five hundred Morning Travelers hanging out together, in a virtual playgroup, on Facebook.  Five. Hundred. Morning Travelers.  Wow.

Someone asked me recently what could Morning Travelers represent beyond Down syndrome? What other individuals are starting out on journeys and need encouragement?  What could Morning Travelers mean for them?  And that question is one that made me pause, and hit “relaunch” on my blog.

I’m not sure what it all means, but I hope you’ll travel along with me.  Thanks for visiting.